Queen Foam Mattresses

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11 min readJun 18, 2024


Crank up the comfort and support with the Queen Foam Mattress, a top-tier product designed to enhance your sleep experience. Let’s delve into the world of foam mattresses, exploring the features, benefits, and reviews of this premium option. Get ready to turn your slumber into a sweet dream with our comprehensive Queen Foam Mattress roundup article!

The Top 5 Best Queen Foam Mattresses

  1. Oliver & Smith 10" Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress — Comfortable Queen Size with Euro Pillow Top — Experience ultimate comfort and durability with Oliver & Smith’s 10-inch Cool Memory Foam & Spring Hybrid Mattress, featuring a breathable cover and plush Euro pillow top.
  2. Zinus Thin Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Pocket Spring Technology — Enhance your slumber with the Zinus Dream Pillow Top 10" Hybrid Mattress, offering a luxurious blend of comfort foam and individual springs for ultimate support and undisturbed rest.
  3. FDW 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress with Cool Sleep and Pressure Relief — The FDW Queen Mattress offers a cool and comfortable sleep experience with gel memory foam, while providing excellent pressure relief and spine alignment, but be cautious of its durability.
  4. CertiPUR-US Certified 5-inch Foam Mattress for Queen-Sizing Comfort — Upgrade your sleep with a Queen Foam Mattress by PayLessHere, featuring medium firm, odor-free CertiPUR-US Certified foam and easy setup instructions!
  5. Oliver Smith Hybrid Short Queen Mattress — Experience unparalleled comfort and durability with our Oliver Smith 10" Spring & Foam Hybrid Mattress Short Queen, where your nights become a delightful dream.

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Oliver & Smith 10" Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress — Comfortable Queen Size with Euro Pillow Top


Last week I was in search of a new queen-sized mattress, and I stumbled upon the Oliver & Smith Since Queen Size Mattress — a 10-inch cool memory foam and spring hybrid. With a comfortable, Euro Pillow top and a breathable cotton cover, the unique design intrigued me.

Upon arrival, I found the mattress to be slightly more complicated and heavier than expected, which led to a bit of a challenge when putting it into place. Once in position, it required a short waiting period to reach its full height. However, once it did, the bed became my everyday companion, offering a level of comfort I had yet to experience.

The product is also quite versatile for those who alternate between side and back sleeping, as it accommodates different sleeping needs without causing discomfort. And, despite my initial concerns about the potential scent, it dissipated quickly, ensuring a fresh and pleasant bedtime experience.

The bed has maintained its quality over the months, showing no signs of wear or deterioration. The use of natural materials, combined with excellent support and breathability, make the Oliver & Smith queen mattress a top choice in memory foam beds.

In conclusion, the Oliver & Smith queen mattress exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, durability and ease-of-cleaning, and I can’t imagine starting my day without it.

Zinus Thin Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Pocket Spring Technology


I recently tried out the Zinus Dream Pillow Top 10" Hybrid Mattress, and let me tell you, it really lived up to its name. The soft, supportive pillow-top layer made it a perfect match for my preference of a plush mattress. Every night became nighttime movie session time, as I found myself drifting off to dreamland so easily on it.

One feature that stood out to me was the customized fit, thanks to the combined layers of comfort foam and pocket springs. As someone who prefers sleeping on my side, this supportive mattress ensured I’d wake up without being ridden away by the feeling of being pushed down by the bed itself.

However, there was an unavoidable odor that came along with the bed that initially lingered for some time, but eventually faded over the course of a few days. The only other minor inconvenience was the somewhat tricky process of unfolding and setting up the mattress, but having someone help me made it a breeze.

Overall, the Zinus Dream Pillow Top 10" Hybrid Mattress ended up living up to my expectations. It provided the perfect combination of soft comfort and support, and despite the minor odor and setup process, it proved to be worth the effort. I’m happily enjoying my new, cozy mattress and looking forward to many more restful nights ahead.

FDW 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress with Cool Sleep and Pressure Relief

As someone who suffers from back pain, I was excited to try out the FDW Queen Mattress. This 6-inch gel memory foam mattress promised cool sleep and pressure relief, which I was desperate for. At first, I was a bit skeptical about how comfortable a memory foam mattress in a box would be, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The mattress is quite firm, which is a pro for back pain sufferers like me, but it might not be the best option for side sleepers with big shoulders. The gel memory foam does a great job at keeping the mattress cool, and it conforms well to my body’s shape, providing excellent support. I found the mattress easy to set up, with no need for a box spring.

However, there are a couple of cons. Firstly, I noticed that the mattress didn’t seem to be as durable as I had hoped. Additionally, it took quite a while for the mattress to expand to its full dimensions, which was a bit disappointing.

Overall, while it might not be perfect, the FDW Queen Mattress is a good choice for those looking for a comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

CertiPUR-US Certified 5-inch Foam Mattress for Queen-Sizing Comfort


As a reviewer, I’ve been testing this 5-inch base foam mattress for a few weeks now and I must say, it’s been quite the experience. The queen-sized mattress arrived in a sleek, conveniently packaged box and it was surprisingly easy to carry up the stairs.

One of the most impressive features of this mattress is its pressure-relieving design. As someone who used to wake up with sore joints, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the relief it provides. The gel memory foam layer offers just the right amount of cushion and support, ensuring a restful night’s sleep without the usual aches and pains.

The mattress does come with a bit of a smell initially, but the manufacturer’s instructions recommend allowing up to 72 hours for it to dissipate and adjust to its final feel. I left mine in a well-ventilated room and it was a non-issue after a few days.

The jacquard cover adds a touch of elegance to the mattress, and it’s removable and machine washable, which is a nice bonus for keeping it clean and fresh. The only downside I’ve faced is that it’s a little more snug than I initially anticipated, but it provides excellent support and once you get used to it, it becomes a non-issue.

Overall, I’ve been thoroughly pleased with the level of comfort and sleep quality this mattress provides. It’s an affordable and convenient option that certainly deserves its 4.7-star rating. Highly recommended!

Oliver Smith Hybrid Short Queen Mattress


I was excited to try out the Oliver Smith 10" Spring & Foam Hybrid Mattress in my RV. The mattress arrived in a box, and it was surprisingly easy to assemble and set up. The hybrid construction felt comfortable, and I appreciated the pocketed coils that added support and alleviated back pain. The organic cotton cover kept me cool at night, and I loved the plush layer on top.

However, one downside was the mattress’s weight. At 95 pounds, it was quite heavy and difficult to maneuver on my own. Additionally, a few reviews mentioned confusion about the mattress’s materials, with some customers receiving a product that didn’t match the product images.

Overall, the Oliver Smith mattress turned out to be a comfortable and durable option for my RV. With the right delivery and setup assistance, it could make for a perfect bed-in-a-box experience.

Buyer’s Guide

Queen foam mattresses have gained popularity due to their comfort and support. If you’re considering purchasing a queen foam mattress, this buyer’s guide will provide you with important features to consider, general advice, and helpful tips.


One of the main reasons people choose queen foam mattresses is their comfort. Make sure to check the mattress’s density, which can range between 3 and 10 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). Higher-density foam mattresses tend to be more durable and offer better support, while lower-density mattresses are softer and provide more comfort.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is another important factor to consider. High-density foam mattresses can prevent the transfer of motion between different sleepers, making them ideal for couples. This is because foam can absorb motion and reduce disturbances for both partners. Lower-density foam mattresses may not isolate motion as effectively.

Temperature Regulation

Some foam mattresses can trap heat and make you feel warm, which can be uncomfortable during warmer months. Look for mattresses with cooling features like gel or copper infusions, which can help dissipate heat and keep you comfortable throughout the night. Foam mattresses with open-cell structures can provide better breathability and temperature regulation.

Support and Durability

A queen foam mattress should offer adequate support for your body to prevent sagging or discomfort over time. Choose a mattress with a thicker foam layer or one that has reinforced support coils. The durability of a foam mattress depends on its density, so opt for a higher-density mattress for better support and longevity.


What is a Queen sized foam mattress?

A Queen sized foam mattress is a type of bedding designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. It is specifically designed for individuals who require a larger sleeping surface, like couples, and is typically suited for standard sized bedrooms. Measuring 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length, a Queen sized foam mattress provides ample space for sleeping, and can be found in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and firmness levels.

Foam mattresses are known for their unique ability to conform to your body shape, providing excellent pressure relief. They come in various densities, which determine their firmness and support level. The choice of a foam mattress ultimately depends on your personal preference, sleeping habits, and any specific health concerns you may have.

What are the benefits of a Queen foam mattress?

A Queen sized foam mattress offers several benefits, including enhanced comfort and support, better motion isolation, and improved air circulation. The unique materials used in foam mattresses enable them to conform to your body shape and provide targeted pressure relief. This helps to reduce pain and discomfort that can be caused by poor sleeping posture, or other health conditions.

In addition, foam mattresses are known for their excellent motion isolation, meaning that they limit the amount of disturbance you feel when your partner gets in or out of bed, or shifts position. This can be particularly beneficial for couples who require a quiet and undisturbed sleep. Furthermore, foam mattresses help to cool the body due to their open-cell structure, which allows for better air circulation, making them suitable for use year-round.

How long does a Queen foam mattress last?

The lifespan of a Queen sized foam mattress depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials used, the maintenance of the mattress, and the specific model you choose. Generally, high-quality foam mattresses can last between 7–10 years before needing to be replaced. To ensure the longevity of your foam mattress, it’s essential to properly care for it, which includes rotating it regularly, maintaining a clean sleeping environment, and using a suitable mattress protector.

It’s also important to note that the durability of a foam mattress can vary depending on the specific manufacturer and model. To get the most out of your investment, it’s advisable to research the durability and performance of the foam mattress you’re considering before making your purchase. Regularly inspecting your mattress for signs of wear and tear, and replacing it when necessary, can help to extend its lifespan and ensure that you continue to enjoy a comfortable, supportive sleep.

What is the best way to care for a Queen foam mattress?

To maintain the performance and durability of your Queen sized foam mattress, it’s essential to follow proper care and maintenance guidelines. Firstly, regularly rotate the mattress so that pressure is evenly distributed. This usually involves flipping the mattress end-to-end, while ensuring that the sides don’t become compressed.

Secondly, it’s crucial to keep the mattress clean and dry. Use a high-quality, waterproof mattress protector to shield the mattress from spills, sweat, and other fluids. This will help to maintain the mattress’s support and comfort levels, as well as prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. It’s recommended to clean your mattress protector regularly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

What are some common issues with Queen foam mattresses?

While foam mattresses offer several benefits, they can also have some drawbacks, which may be worth considering before making your purchase. One potential issue is that foam mattresses can retain heat, which may be uncomfortable for some users, particularly during warmer months. To address this, some manufacturers produce foam mattresses with cooling technologies, or infuse them with gel particles that help to dissipate heat.

Additionally, foam mattresses can sometimes develop an unpleasant odor, particularly when it’s first unboxed. This is a common occurrence and typically dissipates within a few days. However, if the smell persists, it’s essential to address it promptly, as it could be indicative of a more significant issue with the mattress. Proper airing and ventilation can help to eliminate any lingering odors. It’s also important to note that it’s advisable to purchase your foam mattress from a reputable retailer, to minimize the chances of any potential quality issues.

What does a “Foam Mattress Cover” entail?

A foam mattress cover is an additional layer that is placed over the top of the foam mattress. It provides an extra layer of protection for the mattress and can also enhance its appearance. Foam mattress covers are typically waterproof, which provides an extra barrier between the mattress and any external factors, such as spills or moisture. They also help to protect the mattress from dust, allergens, and other particles that could potentially aggravate allergies or asthma.

Foam mattress covers are usually made from a combination of materials, including polyurethane or memory foam, and may also include a layer of cotton or other fabrics. These materials help to provide a soft, comfortable feel to the mattress cover, while also ensuring that it breathes well and doesn’t retain heat. It’s essential to choose a high-quality foam mattress cover, as the cover can significantly impact the overall performance and longevity of the mattress. Most foam mattress covers can be easily removed and washed, which helps to maintain their cleanliness and functionality over time.

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